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ThermaSol AF-Series SSA-240 Steam Generator

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Our PriceUS$2,264.00
Retail PriceUS$6,000.00
Model:SSA-240 Steam Generator
Dimension: 17"L x 11.75" W x 12"H
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AF Series
Digital CAN-bus Technology Steam Shower Generator

ThermaSol AF-Series SSA-240 Steam Generator
Generator up to 240 CF / 10 kW

The ThermaSol Difference
Standard features included in all our steam shower generators:

Lifetime Warranty
No questions, no worries; just a lifetime of enjoyment!

FastStart™ Technology
Steam in seconds, not 4 to 8 minutes!

All Metal Controls with Advanced PVD Lifetime Finishes
No plastic controls!

Whisper Quiet(patented design)
No potential water hammering or noisy water solenoid valves.

Constant Steam at a Constant Rate
No irritating steam lags and bursts; a ThermaSol steam shower generator can be installed up to 50 feet away without upsizing.

Superior Style
ThermaSol is the ONLYsteam shower manufacturer that offers matching controls, remotes and steamheads
in traditional and contemporary styles.

Water Conservation – The Green Side of Steam
ThermaSol Steamshowers use only a fraction of the water required to power a regular shower. With environmental concerns on the rise, our units take only two gallons of water to power a 20-minute steam shower as opposed to regular showers which consume 40-gallons of water.

CAN-Bus Communication
The ultimate in reliability and longevity.

Simply Sized
ThermaSol generators are easy to size LxWxH=Cubic Feet. No complicated formulas.

Control and steam head sold separately as kits  


Unit: 17 L x 11.75 W x 12 H

* Lifetime factory parts warranty
* 2 year in-home warranty prior to lifetime factory warranty
* Digital CAN-bus net worked system, intelligent two-way communication
* FastStart steam in seconds... not minutes
* Auto PowerFlush Pressurized inner tank cleaning system
* Constant steam at a constant rate
* Can be plumbed 50ft. from the shower without up-sizing the generator
* Stainless steel drain pan
* Stainless steel construction
* Superior heating elements - low watt density
* Split tank technology enhances performance and life-span
* Water tight data link cable for control
* Works with ThermaSol Serenity light & music system

Control and steam-head sold separately as kits


Ampere Chart Specs

Model - AF-Series SSA-240 Steam Generator
Max Room Size (cubic Feet) 240
KW - 10KW
Input Voltage - 208V - 240VAC Single Phase
Maximum Amperage - 46Amps
Electrical Connection – NEMA 6-50P

Location and Installation
- Select a location as near as practical to the steam room, within 50 feet.
- Install steam bath generator in an upright position only.
- Provide a minimum of (12) inches at both ends and top of the steam generator or as required for servicing.

Required Plumbing
- Water Inlet (3/8" NPT)
- Steam Outlet (1/2" NPT)
- Safety Valve (3/4" NPT)

*Locate steam head 6 -12 inches above floor
*For tub/shower enclosures, install 6 inches above tub top edge

All electrical wiring to be installed by a qualified licensed electrician in accordance with National Electrical code.

Power Wiring
1. Check power voltage. Use 240V rate unit when supply is greater than 208V. (Most homes have 240V, 1PH service). Use 208V rated unit for 208V power.
2. Use minimum 90C/300V rated insulated copper conductors only, type THHN or equal sized in accordance with National Electrical Code and local electrical code for the Amps in Ampere Chart. If allowed by code, NM cable may require a larger wire size than as listed on the chart.
3. Connect suitably sized equipment grounding wire to ground terminal provided.
4. Install a separate circuit breaker between supply and unit. Provide a power supply disconnect within sigth of the steam generator or one that is capable of being locked in the open position.
5. For single phase units, use two-wire supply source and equipment grounding wire. Neutral (white) wire is not required.

More Pictures:


Signature Series Kit:
• Time and temp
• 2 memory settings
• Last setting memory
• Operates Auto PowerFlush™
• Day clock
• Light and music system
• PVD plating technology
• 14 finishes
• Enhanced diagnostics

Contemporary / Traditional
Polished Chrome - $760
*Other Finished - $819

Temp-Touch Plus Kit:
• Temp Control
• Pre-set timer control
• Last setting memory
• Operates Auto PowerFlush
• Light and music system
• PVD plating technology
• 14 finishes
• Enhanced diagnostics

Contemporary / Traditional
Polished Chrome - $544
*Other Finished - $624

*Other Finished:
BN - Black Nickel
ORB - Oil Rubbed Bronze
PB - Polished Brass
COP - Polished Copper
PN - Polished Nickel
WHT - White