The Different Types and Uses of Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Knives are undoubtedly some of the most important pieces of equipment in a kitchen. A complete set of knives is essential for a wholesome and fun cooking experience. Having a blunt knife reduces efficiency and speed of cooking considerably. The world’s top chefs keep their knives sharp and primed for cooking. Here are a few different types of knife sharpeners that can help you keep your knife’s performance up to date.

Knife Sharpening Stones

my tools galleryThe knife sharpening stone is the most affordable equipment for the purpose. Using the stone is extremely simple. You can place the stone (which often comes in a protective box-type casing) on your kitchen countertop and sharpen your knife over it.

Some stone cases have rubber paddings on the bottom to hold the box in place. However, it is always advisable to hold the stone casing with one hand while sharpening the knife with the other one. If you are placing the palm of your hand on the knife’s flat surface while sharpening, wear a protective glove to protect the hand from cuts.

Knife Sharpening Steels

Knife sharpening steels are slightly costlier compared to the stones. However, this cost is easily justified for the lifespan. The knife sharpening steels can last for years to come with losing its razor-sharp edge.

There are mainly two different types of sharpening steels. The most popular ones are lightweight and compact for holding in one hand. The second one works like the sharpening stone where you have to place it on a flat surface and rub the knife edge on it.

Manual Handheld Knife Sharpenersmanual knife sharpener

The manual handheld knife sharpeners are slightly costlier but a lot safer alternative to the sharpening steels. These handheld sharpeners have a rubberized and plastic holding for you to hold it effectively in one hand. The good grip ensures that the sharpener does not slip out of hand while you are using it. Some of these sharpeners have a gun-handle like appearance and grooves to facilitate a better grip.

Electric Knife Sharpening Machines

electric knife sharpenerThe world’s top chefs do not have the time to sit and manually sharpen their knives. If you are an avid cook and use the knife for professional purposes, you can check the electric knife sharpener reviews and purchased the best one for your kitchen. These machines are costly but highly effective. The best versions of these machines can sharpen the knife to its former glory within a few seconds.

Knife Hones

The knife hones are a perfect blend of the manual handheld and the electric sharpener. These hones still need a manual rubbing of knives just like the handheld ones. However, they support a casing and structure like the one on electric knife sharpeners.

In an ideal scenario, you should have a combination of a knife sharpener and holder to keep your knives sharp. It is a good practice to wash, rinse and dry the knife completely before placing it back into the holder to prevent rusting and prolong its life.

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