Perfect Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

Water heating is an essential requirement and you don’t want to waste too much electricity in it. Also, you don’t want to drop dead in a cold shower. Winters are here and you might be thinking of purchasing a best tankless water heater. There are so many companies and so many types of tankless water heater in the market that one can get confused. Different companies are assuring so many agendas. Well, here is a bit knowledge regarding the types of water heater out there, so you can make a better choice.

Different Types of Tankless Water Heater Discuss Below

  • Instant Water Heater:- These heaters don’t require you to wait for the water to get warm. You wouldn’t need to wake up, switch on the tankless water heater and hop in the shower after half an hour. You can get warm water within few minutes. Either a gas burner is used to warm the water or an electrical unit. The energy required for the action might be very less, but on the same hand a lot of electricity is consumed and the bills would be higher. The hot water is also not stored.

  • Storage Water Heater :- In this, the water is first stored in the tank and then warmed. The tap of the tank is turned on and the water is filled in the storage tank. When it’s completely filled, it starts heating up. These heaters must have efficient thermal insulation and only the 5star models don’t face much standby heat losses. If there are many people who will take shower using the hot water, this heater would be ideal. You can get warm water for multiple activities as bigger the storage tank the more water would be warm, unlike instant water heaters. Although, if the water is kept inside the storage tank for a long time, it will get cold on its own after the power is switched off. If you have a family of four and everyone heads out at the same time, buying storage water heater would be a good option.
  • Solar Water Heater :- The environment-friendly people will love the concept as it also saves their electricity bills. Sunlight is free for everyone, right? But, not every day is a sunny day and not every city gets sunlight regularly. If the day is cloudy, you might have to shower using cold water or find another way to warm your water. The government still supports its utility as it is so economical.
  • Gas Water Heaters :- Piped natural gas is available in many cities and thus instant and storage gas geysers are available which support the water heating using gas. The drawback, in this case, would be that the gas cylinder requires a lot of space and it would also release carbon monoxide gas in the bathroom. The installation could be a bit difficult as well.
    Whatever option you choose, one must make sure that it is a branded tankless water heater and is not unsafe.

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