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Our PriceUS$1,957.00
Retail PriceUS$3,605.00
Model:ARIEL 903
Dimension: 51.2 x 35.5 x 82.7 in

Installation Manual
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Getting Acquainted

In Greek mythology, Medea was a sorceress and granddaughter of the Helios, the sun god. She was legendary for casting spells and magically transforming aged rulers into their youthful former selves. Like its namesake, the Medea model steam shower is magical. Once you experience its six (8) jets of purifying power, you'll feel years younger. We predict this unit will cast a wondrous spell upon you.

Therapeutic Benefits
For thousands of years, many enlightened cultures have found true relaxation in the soothing warmth of steam baths. Steam uses the body's own natural defenses to fight disease and maintain good health. The sauna's heat and moisture raises the body's temperature, which boost the immune system and expels toxins. Natural steam revives pores and rejuvenates skin, improves circulation, relaxes aching muscles, cures insomnia, relieves rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, and reduces stress.

Metabolic Benefits

This unit has an extremely efficient, high-speed motor, which can produce

spa-quality, professional steam quickly. A 15-20 minute sauna treatment will raise your heart rate by 25% to 50%, strengthening the cardiovascular system. The heat increases blood circulation, which enables the bloodstream to transport more nutrients to where the body needs it most. A healthy body will burn calories more efficiently- so you'll lose weight more effectively. And you can customize your own personal health regimen with the fully-programmable, state-of-the-art LCD control panel. The panel's computer regulates every sauna function, including all the creature comforts.


LCD computer control panel operates the following functions:
- On/Off power
- Roof lamp
- Decorative blue fluorescent lighting
- Steam generator
- Steam shower timer
- Temperature settings
- Current temperature display
- Ventilation fan

Stress-Relieving Penetrating Massage (6 Jets)
Six (6) strategically positioned gentle jets are aligned to match the Chinese pathway points on the human skeleton, and bring soothing relief to all of the body's 14 main pathways to harmony, called meridians.  Acupuncture has been the Chinese way of healing without drugs for over 4,000 years.  Now you can improve your circulation, relieve stress and stress-related maladies, improve mental acuity, and refresh your entire body, mind and soul.  Just sit back and let the meridian-adjusted, hydro-jets massage you into enlightened, pain-free bliss.

Soothing Foot Massager (2 Jets)
The adjustable foot massager is a wonderful added benefit.  In certain cultures, the foot is considered to be the perfect homeopathic map of the human body.  Taking care of your feet is one giant step towards a lifetime of good health.  Magnetic therapy - used for centuries to cure muscular maladies - will make your feet feel better right away.  Combined with 2 jets and mechanical force, your feet receive spa-style attention that will roll away aches and pains.  The unique rubber-ribbed roller will soothe your arches and give your feet better support.

Cleaning System
The new cleaning system is located inside the shower so you don't have to move the shower away from the wall to pour cleaning solution in the steam generator.

Rainwater Shower & Lunar Ceiling Lamp
After you've finished frolicking, you might want to rinse off in a cool, refreshing shower of rainwater.  The oversized shower head delivers a gentle cascade of water that will make you feel refreshed and renewed.  And if you turn on the highly decorative circular roof lamp, you'll feel as if you're showering under the shimmering moonlight.

Handheld Multi-Purpose Shower Head
A handheld showerhead lets you rinse off cleanly, quickly, and with more flexibility.

Decorative LightingDecorative lighting adds romance and creates mystery especially when it is the sole light source in the bathroom.

Steam Shower Heat Sensor
The temperature sensor calculates the current readings in the steam shower instantaneously, so you can adjust the steam setting that fits your personal preference.

Climate-Control Fan
The ventilation fan keeps the heat level and clean air at your own personal level.  With one touch of a button, you can adjust the interior climate levels exactly to your liking.

Contoured Seating
The built-in seat is situated in front of the massage jets and will deliver acupuncture-like pinpoint pain relief to your tired back muscles.  Now you can lie back and rest, while the pulsating jet streams do all the work.

Storage Shelves
There are His and Hers storage shelves, so both parties have a place to store their valuables.

Safety-Tempered Glass Walls
The high-impact, tempered safety glass is 5 mm thick and is an excellent heat retainer.


Unit must be hardwired to a dedicated 110V line with GFCI breaker.

Electric Voltage - 110V, 60HZ
Electric Current - 30A for Steam Generator
Steam Generator - 3000W

Hot & Cold Valve Pipe Size - 1/2 Inch
Comes with flexible drain hose
Comes with flexible hot and cold valve.

Corner Unit: The unit must be backed up against the left and back side walls (for easy access to components, there are no skirts on the left or back side of the unit.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the customer's responsibility to read the manual and specifications online to make sure this unit will work for their application.

ETL Listed - click here to read more information on the safety of ETL units
Like UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an ETL Listed Mark certifies that the product was tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and that it meets the widely accepted, minimum product safety standards. And just like the UL Mark, the ETL Listed Mark is recognized and endorsed by manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and authoritative bodies to be safe for use in homes and in workplaces all across the United States.

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