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At Brilliant Showers starting from February 5, 2014 the standard (3 years; upgraded to 5 years started on 8/15/2010) warranty for all our exceptional products is now ten years. That's 9 full years longer than any of our major competitors - at no additional cost.

To be in full compliance with the warranty, a licensed plumber and electrician must install the unit. Failure to do so could void the warranty.

This unit is meant for indoor use only. The warranty will become null and void if used outdoors.

Our standard warranty covers the following parts, all electrical wiring, heating units, accessories, and computer control panels that originally came with the unit. We guarantee that all our products are free of manufacturing and material defects. We will replace fixtures and parts if they are defective, not the complete unit, glass, or acrylic piece around the fixture/computer.  Parts that become defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced. The purchaser is responsible for removing the defective parts and returning them to us for repair.

Damaged parts upon arrival will be replaced and shipped via Ground shipping.  (if not signed for in good condition - please look at shipping terms).  If the customer would like the shipment to be expedited, the customer must be responsible for the additional cost.

For replacement parts under warranty, customer is responsible for shipping.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by owner neglect, abuse, misuse, non-authorized modifications, incorrect installation, or wear and tear attributable to normal product use. 

To properly invoke the warranty, the purchaser must possess a sales slip, invoice or delivery receipt, which indicates the date of product purchase.

We will always be here and help you get the parts (at cost) after the factory warranty expires.

Brilliant Showers will not reimburse any labor costs arising from disassembling or reassembling the unit for replacement or defective purposes. We are also not responsible for routine maintenance, servicing or electrical alterations to the unit's controls. 

Any parts that are claimed to be defective must be shipped to Brilliant Showers via a prepaid freight shipper. The parts must be accompanied by the original sales receipt or other sales proof of purchase information, as well as the sender's name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and other pertinent claim information. The repaired or replaced parts will be returned to the unit's owner by collect freight.

The five-year warranty only applies to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred, if sold. The warranty become void if the purchased unit is used for commercial, industrial or rental purposes. In addition, the warranty does not cover claims arising from product misuse, neglect, accidents, abuse, improper installation, or hazards of nature, including excessive exposure to heat or fire.

The purchaser is responsible for providing adequate access to the unit's computer, controls, and plumbing, if repairs need to be performed. The warranty does not cover injuries sustained by any person in the course of installing or repairing the unit.

All costs for removing and reinstalling purchased item (including freight charges) shall be at the purchaser's expense.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the package within 24 hours after the unit is delivered to insure there are no damages to the unit.  This includes acrylic, glass, and aluminum parts.  These parts are not covered after the 24 hours if the customer signed for the unit in good condition.  Refer to the Shipping/Terms link for more information on the procedure to check your goods at the time of delivery.

We will not accept any returns/refunds after the unit has been assembled and/or used.  If the customer needs a part, we will replace or repair the computerized part (does not included acrylic or glass pieces)

It is the customers responsibility to check if these units will comply with their state and county codes. If you will be receiving an inspection by a county inspector, please ask them what they require. If you do require an inspection, we recommend the Ameristeam units as they are compliant with ETL(UL) listings. Most Ariel Platinum units also comply with ETL (UL) marks in most states. If a customer purchases any steam shower unit or bathtub and it does not pass inspection, we allow returns with the following conditions below. You will be able to return the unit for the purchase price of unit, less the original shipping fee, return shipping fee, and less a restocking fee of 15% if in original packaging. If the shower unit or bathtub was opened, a 25% restocking fee will apply. 



Please test all features and components prior to placing the unit in its final location.  This is to make sure the unit is operating correctly.  (Steam Generator, Whirlpool Pump, Keypad, Lights, Valves, Jets, ETC)

You must seal every seam on the unit.  First, for every adjoining piece, place silicone on both adjoining pieces, then sandwich the pieces together and screw them together is applicable.  (we recommend, which can be purchased at Home Depot)  This creates a great seal and doesn’t allow any air or water to flow through if done correctly.  After it is done drying, you would seal it again on the interior/exterior once the whole unit is completed.  You should seal all areas where you are adjoining glass with aluminum pieces, glass with weather stripping, all jets, screws holes, hoses connected to unit, acrylic with control panel, acrylic with glass, acrylic with aluminum pieces, and base of unit with glass/acrylic top portion of unit.  There may be more places depending on units in which you will see. Even though the units are pre-sealed from the factory, it is shipping from China and sometimes the seal is broken during the ocean freight due to humidity and heat within the containers.  We suggest re-sealing these parts such as jets, hoses, screws, etc to make sure.  Please test the units for leaks before finalizing the installation. We will not accept any returns/refunds after the unit has been assembled and/or used.  If the customer needs a part, we will replace or repair the computerized part (does not included acrylic or glass pieces).

An access panel is recommended as in any steam shower unit or whirlpool that you purchase in the market.  This allows for you to get access to the parts in case there is a faulty piece or if you need to replace the steam generator in the future.